The Hidden Caregiving Crisis That The Election Won’t Solve

The number of U.S. workers struggling to care for ill or aging loved ones is growing fast. But the support they need isn’t. One in five workers today are caring for aging, disabled, or chronically ill loved ones, according to the AARP. That’s some 26 million people, many of whom are distracted at work, have high rates of absenteeism, and often end up quitting their jobs because they simply can’t do it all. To put that …

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Seniors and fraud

Senior Fraud Protection – Paying Bills Protect and Security You may have seen the New York Times article, “The Lives and Lies of a Professional Impostor,” on February 4, 2016. The article describes many crimes a scam artist committed including the theft of more than $70,000 using a phony check. How was this done? The victim put a check in the mail to pay a bill and the thief simply took the envelope out of …

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Hello from SilverBills

Hello from SilverBills – Your Trusted Bill Paying Service for Seniors A few years ago, I was visiting my elderly aunt in New York, and she told me that she had to drive to the car dealer to drop off her check. She said that she usually waited for her daughters to visit her from California to help her pay her bills. My aunt’s problem and the problem faced by many thousands of aging Americans …

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