Bill List

Life insurance premiums

Long term care insurance premiums

Homeowners insurance premiums

Renters insurance premiums

Disability insurance premiums

Charitable contributions

Donations to religious institutions

Gifts to family members

Cell phone bills

Landline bills

Water bills

Medical co-pays

Assisted living, rehabilitation facility and nursing home fees

Electric bills

Gas bills

Oil bills

Cable bills

Solar panel bills

Home alarm company bills

Home health aides bills

Newspaper bills

Magazine subscriptions

Pharmacy plan premiums

Dental plan premiums

Medical alert pendant bills

Home repair bills (plumber, electrician, etc.)

Medical bills

Cleaning service bills

Cleaning personnel bills

Meal preparation service bills

Grocery shopping service bills

Pharmacy bills

Dry cleaning bills

Car registration and licensing fees

Gym membership fees

Country club membership fees

Real estate taxes

Transportation fees

Car maintenance bills

Tax payments

Home equity loan payments

Rent bills

Cooperative fees

Condominium fees

Mortgage payments

Automobile insurance premiums

Automobile loan payments

Landscaper bills

Sprinkler system maintenance bills

Homeowners association Bills

Credit card bills

Prepaid funeral arrangement bills

Dental bills

Medical specialist bills

Cosmetic procedure bills